Kei, 19, was born November 27, 2391. She is a Lucien-type genetic upgrade, has long red hair with large bangs, brown eyes (more often than not green), is 171 cm tall and weighs 59 kg. Kei shares the same Lucien genetic code somatotype as Yuri, meaning that their bodies are basically identical, including height. Kei is the tomboy of the pair, outgoing, loud, and boisterous. She has remarked that she is "the exciting half of our team" and that "drinking or sex would be my responsibilities." Although she often fights and argues with Yuri, she has displayed a much softer side to her personality, revealing once that her biggest fear is that of losing Yuri, and having very watery eye's over the death of the original Yuri. Kei has a passion for cheesecake, large firearms, and bleeding edge mecha and war-tech.

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