Born on Earth to Bajoran diplomat parents, Shea was raised to enjoy the finer things in life, and to expect them to be handed to her on her whim. However she knew this was not the life for her, and she enlisted in Starfleet as soon as she was old enough. She did this to better understand her own place in the galaxy, but her claim is it simply was to escape from the horrible religious based parties thrown by her parents.

Bridge Crew

Deechy, Science/Pilot, Female, Chthon-Alien

Elisa Flores, Tactical/Pilot, Female, Human

Leima, Engineering/Command, Female, Trill

Myvanath Ashyti, Tactical/Intelligence, Female, Andorian

Eight of Eight, Engineering/Pilot, Female, Borg Human

Leeta, Tactical/Intelligence, Female, Photonic

Lymes, Tactical, Female, Orion

Riyo Chuchi, Engineeringm Female, Alien

Sella G'syv, Science, Female, Andorian

T'Lelu, Science, Female, Vulcan

T'Vrell, Science, Female, Vulcan

Tardra Grox, Tactical, Female, Betazoid, First Officer

V'zan Asasile, Engineering, Female, Bolian

Zeimi, Engineering/Command, Female Chthon-Alien

Task Force

Douglas Adams (Yellowstone Runabout)

Frank Herbert (Breen Chel Boalg Warship)

Issac Asimov (Kobali Samsar Cruiser)

Nick Pollotta (Peregrine Fighter)

R.X.S. Chris Claremont (Risian Corvette)

R.X.S. Roger Zelazny (Risian Luxury Cruiser)

U.S.S. Allen Steele (Vorgon Xifius Heavy Escort)

U.S.S. Arthur C. Clarke (Mirror Patrol Escort)

U.S.S. Bruce Sterling (Blockade Runner Escort Retrofit)

U.S.S. David Drake (Mirror Guardian Cruiser)

U.S.S. Emily Devenport (Ferengi Nandi Warship)

U.S.S. Fred Saberhagen (Mirror Advanced Escort)

U.S.S. Harry Harrison (Kelvin Timeline Heavy Command Cruiser)

U.S.S. John DeChancie (Temporal Battlecruiser)

U.S.S. K. W. Jeter (Tactical Escort Refit)

U.S.S. Larry Niven (Long Range Science Vessel)

U.S.S. Orson Scott Card (Battle Cruiser)

U.S.S. Robert Heinlein (Mirror Deep Space Science Vessel)

U.S.S. S. P. Somtow (Mirror Science Vessel Retrofit)

U.S.S. Walter Williams (Multi-Vector Advanced Escort)

U.S.S. William Gibson (Fleet Dreadnaught Cruiser)

Ship Theme

All of Sheas ships are named for science fiction authors from Earths 20th and 21st centuries. During her time at the Starfleet Academy she developed a love for that genre.

Her ships tend to be painted in a white base, with black and red accent colors in Lacerta, or Corvus patterns.

Crew Uniforms

Uniform-Bare Chest

Terran Odyssey I1, (A8,C8,G8), (A8,C8,G8), I1

Alternate Future A13, A13

Terran-Rank (A8,C8,G8), A16, I1

Terran-Armband I1, I16, I1, I1

Terran-Dagger Armband I1, I16, I1



Leather Band B18






Enterprise Mirror Universe I1, (A8,C8,G8)

Skirt-23c Mini Split I1


Boot Thigh High I1, I1, (A8,C8,G8)


Flowers S9, C13, M13